HOW: Health through Oral Wellness

At Song Family Dental, we strive to help protect the long-term oral health for all of our patients. Whether a child anxiously awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy or a senior looking to reduce the risk for tooth loss and gum disease, your oral health matters for a lifetime. That’s why Dr. Song is pleased to have partnered with Delta Dental and their Health through Oral Wellness (HOW) program.

What is HOW?

HOW is an incredibly unique program that seeks to promote improved communication between patients and their dentists.

Your oral health matters in ways you might not even realize. A growing amount of research has found compelling connections between our oral and overall health. Individuals who suffer from dental decay, gum disease, and tooth loss have a significantly higher risk for developing a range of chronic illnesses that include everything from heart disease and stroke to diabetes and dementia.

Protecting your oral health requires establishing a collaborative effort between you and your dentist. Effectively lowering your risk for dental disease and decay requires practicing quality oral hygiene at home that includes brushing and flossing daily. You also need to receive regular dental care from an experienced dentist like Dr. Song. When combined, daily oral hygiene and regular dental care creates a foundation that not only helps to protect the health of your teeth and gums, but your overall health as well.

With the HOW program, patients are encouraged to take a simple assessment when visiting Dr. Song that enables them to take charge of their oral health. By participating in the HOW program, patients can receive access to:

  • Free, customized oral health tips from a dental professional
  • Special offers on select dental products and services
  • The ability to ask specific questions through the HOW Coach tool
  • Additional helpful information that will provide patients with the knowledge need to continue smiling brightly for a lifetime

Protecting Your Oral Health

With the demands most of us face on our time, it can be hard to give your oral health the attention it deserves. At Song Family Dental, we remain committed to helping every patient enjoy a great looking smile for a lifetime.

By offering access to the HOW program, we hope to make it easier than ever for our patients to receive the guidance, advice, and help they need to lowering their risk for disease and continue to smile with confidence.